Why Interns Can Be Good For Your Business


At both The Eisen Agency and NexPhase Marketing we take full advantage of interns. It’s about time for a new batch of fall students that are yearning for an internship with your organization. We are currently hiring a group of young, enthusiastic marketing and public relations interns that will support our account teams and market our agency.

There are many advantages to having an internship program and interns in your business, here are some reasons why:

1. You and the intern get the chance to get to know each other and test if they are a right fit for your organization and they can decide if this is the type of work or field that they are really looking to work in.  Unless a person is referred by another employee, you do not know what to expect out of them when they come into your organization. Being able to sample the candidates for positions is very beneficial to the hiring process, it makes sure that the candidate actually does good work and wants a career at your organization. I began as an intern at The Eisen Agency right before I graduated college and within a week of graduating they offered me a position, it was the easiest job search of my life and likewise for their employee search.

2. There is always work to be done! There is always a list that a PR or media relations professional can make up of things that need to be done around your organization. From compiling contact lists to business development, you can find easy simple tasks to make up their day when there more entertaining jobs are not available. Some more experienced interns may be able to jump right into any project, but be aware that others will need more training.

3. Interns bring new, fresher ideas. Youthful professionals bring energy and a fresh perspective to an organization. A strong intern can come in with new ideas and thoughts that are just as good as the senior account managers above them. We can expand our brainstorms by inviting the interns in, picking their brains and encouraging them to share their perspective.

These are just a few reasons why interns are great for a business. Let me know if you need help finding interns or creating an internship program, I would be happy to help! What are the reasons you love having interns?


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